Managed Services

ODYA Technology provides it’s customers with a variety of of Managed Services packages.

Customers who purchase these packages may utilize technical consultants in managing the daily IT operational tasks. Each package offers a different scope, validity period, payment term and a pool of personnel. Consequently, companies may make use of the best fitting model for their business needs, simultaneously minimizing risks and increasing the quality of the department’s services.

Professional services will setup and manage, the team of technical consultants meeting the requirements of the managed services package that will ensure the continuity of its customers business.

This service model includes, remote or on-site ownership of operational transactions on systems, products and/or processes, execution of development, customization and implementation services in the quickest way possible.

The package of choice may include version upgrades, problem solving, technical architectural design, task planning and tracking, resource planning and management, reporting and advanced integration services.

Cost Advantage

Ownership with zero investment cost


Requirement based service

Expert Consultancy

15+ years of know-how

Managed Services Packages

Companies that utilize any of the Managed Service packages, can benefit from fixed prices with different payment models, thus scaling up information technology costs.

Any tasks (new process implementations, product development, integrations, reports or middleware) requiring development on top of the existing process or change in the existing application, differentiating it from the state at which it was delivered by ODYA Technology, may vary based on the competence of the designated personnel.

Hizmet Yapılanmamız

Technology Consultant

  • Creates solutions with up to date applications and technology
  • Know-how on different sectors and best practices
  • Architectural design with expert viewpoint

Application Developer

  • Up to date information on new product features
  • Ability to develop applications based on previous experience and know-how
  • Performs routine maintenance
  • Reduces operational work load
  • Prevents trash data accumulating in the system

Software Developer

  • Develops exclusive design dashboards
  • Tailor mode summary management reports
  • Makes proactive management easy