Professional Services

"A solution is as good as the quality of its implementation."

ODYA Technology’s Professional Services Team, partners with our customers, aiming to provide the most beneficial and best fitting solution and services for your business needs

Technical Consultancy
Maintenance & Support Services
Project Management
System Infrastructure Support
System Solution Architect
Integration with 3rd Party
Business Applications
Tailored Implementation Services
Data Migration

The goal is always to provide the most suitable and effective solution in the quickest, most efficient way. Our Professional Services team works in compliance with the ISO 2000 Information Technology Service Management quality standard.

Consequently, the solutions provided to our customers are compatible with the standards that are already being implemented in their institutions. During all the stages of our services, international quality standards are met and service continuity is ensured.

In order to provide the best fitting service to our customers’ business needs, the Professional Services team has different types of service packages. Consultancy, project management (installation, integration, development), maintenance, support, training, managed services and outsourcing services are within the scope of our Professional Services team.

Companies choosing to work with ODYA Technology receive the same standard of Professional services regardless of location.

Professional Services Organization