Industry 4.0 is the name given to 4th wave of Industrial Revolution. Where do you want to see your manufacturing facilities in 10 years, by leveraging opportunities offered by Industry 4.0?


What kind of Strategies have to be crafted in order to realize the Industry 4.0 Vision that you have set for your company?


Each strategy crafted for different business processes need to be managed seperately by setting SMART goals.

Action Plans

Each leader responsible from different goals have to formulate clear action plans and implement these with their teams.

Industry 4.0 is an umbrella term that covers many different technologies and management methodologies. There are no well defined roadmaps laid out in front of companies to realize Industry 4.0. First of all, an Industry 4.0 Vision that define points to be reached has to be clearly identified.

Realizing Industry 4.0 is a long road, requiring a strong and consistent management focus. Companies need to craft necessary strategies and set short-medium-long term goals and milestones to be attained accordingly.

SMART is a widely used goal setting methodology. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reasonable and Time-bound goal setting is an indispensible start for successful project implementations. Clear, concise and flexible action plans that can handle changing circumstances have to be formulated to reach set goals and applied consistenly in a team spirit.

ODYA Teknoloji channels 11 years of project management expertise to support you in shaping your specific Industry 4.0 Roadmap and be your solution partner in realizing your Vision step by step.