Digital Transformation Consultancy

Today, it is necessary for institutions to generate new, valuable ideas which they can quickly and efficiently realize before competition, in order to continue their existence. To achieve this, it is inevitable to quickly create innovative, superior quality business models delivering services which meet the expectations of end users.  Without taking advantage of next generation IT technologies these business models cannot be realized.

ODYA Technology, provides institutions with a holistic approach in their digital transformation journey. As a priority in order to achieve sustainability, within the institution we analyze the compliance of business processes for the digital transformation journey and provide consultancy for the optimization of these processes.

We then evaluate whether the existing IT infrastructures in the institutions are appropriate for the optimized business processes, to be transposed in to the digital environment. Based on the evaluation, with the aim to preserve and utilize the existing IT investment, ODYA Technology designs, installs, implements and supports the best fitting solutions for the missing tools.

Since the digital transformation process is continuous, due to the changing requirements and new evolving business models, we schedule regular review meetings with our customers to ensure that the processes and the digital platforms where these processes are actualized are maintained for the benefit of the institution.