Infrastructure Management

ODYA Technology offers end-to-end integrated solutions for all network-connected manageable devices and systems regardless of the brand. Thus, error, performance and configuration management are performed on a single platform and all systems can be measured in terms of customer experience and service quality through the end user’s experience.


In today’s world monitoring, devices and environments independently is not sufficient for companies to report on the service levels which they provide. The important thing is to create accurate and measurable service levels and provide services in a similar level to both internal and external customers. In order to achieve this,  many methods such as root cause analysis are integrated in to IT and Business processes which also comply with relevant standards.

As of its establishment, ODYA Technology has provided a wide variety of infrastructure management solutions to its customers. In line with the requirements of our customers, we offer our IT infrastructure-specific services. Some of our solutions can be seen below. 

  • Remote Location Management
  • Voice Infrastructure Monitoring
  • ATM Monitoring
  • Database Performance Monitoring
  • Virtual Enviorenment Monitoring
  • Backup & Storage Monitoring
  • Server & Application Monitoring
  • Network Monitoring
  • Network Management
  • Wireless Network Management
  • IP Address Management
  • Desktop Management
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Patch Management
  • IT Asset and Reporting Solution
  • UPS Monitoring