Turn-key Project Management

"Customised solutions and turnkey project management to meet business requirements."

The customer requirements are analyzed in detail by the technology consultant and the best fitting solution is created (High Level Design) for the project. Once the scope is approved by the customer and purchasing takes place, the scope is then delivered to the Professional Services project team. A Senior Technical Consultant analyzes in detail the customer environment in line with the design document.

The “Technical Analysis Document” prepared in line with the detailed technical analysis is presented to the customer for approval. Once the detail analysis is approved, a project plan is created on ODYA Technology’s service desk – Strategic Solution Center. Based on the project plan, the product is installed, implementations carried out and integrations take place in line with the analysis document. Following these steps, user tests are carried out, any findings are fixed, and deployment takes place with the approval of the customer

The guarantee period after deployment may be a part of the project plan based on the size and complexity of the project. Any problems which arise during the guarantee period are fixed. Once the system operates smoothly the final acceptance is requested from the customer; with the approval the project is closed. If training is a part of the initial scope, a Senior Technical Consultant will provide product admin training.